Self care for Demisexuals

Self Care Activities you can Enjoy Alone

It’s about time we all learned to love ourselves again. We’re coming up to a new year and after the one we’ve had, we deserve to start feeling good about ourselves again.

It’s time for us to fall in love with ourselves again. Take some time to boost your confidence and work on your self esteem.

This list is full of self care activities we can enjoy alone. Being comfortable alone with ourselves and our thoughts is one of the biggest skills we can learn right now. The love that we’re able to foster for ourselves now will continue to benefit us long into the new year.

Self Care is Necessary

If this lock down has shown me anything it’s how much we, as a society, struggle with being alone. Speaking for myself, alone time has always been something I treasured.

Once upon a time, there were few things I enjoyed more than spending a weekend in my pajamas not talking to a single person. However, having spent the past several weeks alone, I’ve realized that balance is key.

As introverted as I am, I’ve learned that I struggle without face to face contact. This new normal we’re living in has been a challenge to adjust to both personally and professionally.

With all that said, we now have more time than ever to recharge our batteries and get to know ourselves a little better. It’s a great opportunity to check in with ourselves and make the changes we’ve been putting off for far to long.

We can work to becoming the people we’ve always wished we could be without any outside intervention. We have a chance to listen to our, often ignored, inner voice and develop a relationship with ourselves.

So let’s make the most of the next 12 months and learn to love ourselves again.

Self Care Tips for Everyone

Self care is important for everyone, demisexuals and introverts included. It’s what will give us the strength that we need to continue being true to ourselves even when there’s a lot of negativity going around.

A solid self care routine is also what will help us develop the confidence we need to set and enforce the boundaries we require in our romantic and platonic relationships.

Self care will help us deal with the hard times that come up in our dating adventures. It is also what will help us in asking for what we need in a relationship and building the emotional intimacy we require to have a healthy, loving relationship on our terms.

Self Care Activities you can do Alone

  1. Clean and organize your home
  2. Learn to knit
  3. Try paint by numbers
  4. Have a solo picnic
  5. Read a book
  6. Color
  7. Binge watch an awesome Netflix series
  8. Bake something fabulous for yourself
  9. Try meal prepping for your week ahead
  10. Start a garden
  11. Start a journal
  12. Take an online course
  13. Try a new make up technique
  14. Do your hair
  15. Paint your nails
  16. Make yourself a great lunch
  17. Go for a bike ride
  18. De-clutter your home
  19. Learn about astrology
  20. Create a vision board
  21. Give yourself a face mask
  22. Mediate
  23. Do at home yoga
  24. Watch a sunrise or sunset from the comfort of your car
  25. Start a gratitude list
  26. Watch your favorite movie with some popcorn
  27. Write a list of your monthly or yearly goals
  28. Do a DIY project
  29. Start a puzzle
  30. Start a home reno project
  31. Take a midday nap
  32. Have an at-home dance party
  33. Color
  34. Feed the ducks at the park
  35. Listen to a podcast
  36. Stargaze
  37. Learn a musical instrument
  38. Learn a new language
  39. Play a free online game
  40. Take a bubble bath
  41. Rearrange your bedroom
  42. Fill a photo album
  43. Plan a trip
  44. Order pizza and stay in
  45. Watch your old favorite music videos

Let’s Talk

What are your favorite self care activities? Bonus points if they are things that can be done completely alone.

Solo Self Care activities for Demisexuals

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