Demisexuality Information

Everything you ever wanted to know about being demisexual.

This is the information that will help you understand not only what demisexuality is but also what demisexuals are talking about when they say certain things.

Can I be just demisexual?

Is it okay to be just Demisexual?

Let’s get the potentially controversial facts about being demisexual out of the way first: Demisexual is a legitimate sexual orientation found on the asexual spectrum. Demisexuality is inherently LGBT. It’s enough to “just” be demisexual. What does it mean to be demisexual? The one and only requirement for being demisexual that a person doesn’t experience …

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physical vs. mental attraction as a demisexual

Physical Attraction vs. Mental Attraction

The difference between physical or sexual attraction and mental attraction is something I often have to explain when demisexuality comes up. So let’s talk about demisexuality as it relates to the concept of physical attraction and mental connections. What is demisexuality? Demisexuality is a sexual orientation where a mental connection must exist before they feel …

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